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281. Anzac Day 2/20/2012
282. Poetry Court 9/17/2014
283. Crime & War 9/20/2014
284. Panning For Gold 4/26/2014
285. Deadly 2/23/2015
286. This End Up 3/1/2015
287. Bambi 12/1/2011
288. Butterfly & Bee 12/21/2011
289. So Write 11/2/2011
290. A Dark Wind Blew 5/7/2012
291. Happy Endings 3/4/2014
292. Cars Have Feelings Too 4/26/2014
293. The Letter 11/28/2011
294. Hopeless 6/23/2017
295. Please Sir 11/4/2012
296. A Stranger Comes 11/22/2015
297. Stray Cat Café 10/26/2011

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Stray Cat Café

On a dreary day too poor for a name,
He dragged himself down to the little café,
Flat white and a paper, always the same,
He fumbled for coins and something to say,
His hand struck silver, but his mind no gold,
The coffee machine frothed a mocking hiss,
His soft fingers touched the counter so cold,
And there she was, a sunny shining miss,
All glowing with life and lighter than air,
Pink lemonade cheeks and strawberry lips,
A chef’s hat hiding her blonde wistful hair,
Uniform jealously guarding her hips,
As soon as she smiled, his fears departed, ...

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Crimes By Starlight

And she visited
Like it was old times
And they were nervous
Like it was old times
But the kisses
Were deep
And untroubled
And it should have stopped there
But it hadn’t

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