Dean Simpson

Rookie (21/07/1988 / LONDON! ! !)

Biography of Dean Simpson

Im only 18, i've had a very generous life and after losing my real Mother when i was only 5 weeks old, then being accepted in by my Aunt and Uncle, (Kevin and Patricia) , i have enjoyed my 18 years and 12 months.
I feel that Love itself has everything to do with poetry. Everyone feels hearbreak, heartache and these all help me write the majority of my poetry. Im a sucker for love and i aint ashamed to admit it.
I guess my poetry is aimed for anyone who is stuck in love or dealing with the pains and stress of love. Hope you all enjoy.

Dean Simpson's Works:

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If I Make It Through

If i die tonight
I'll go with no regrets
If its in your arms

I know that i was blessed
And if your eyes
Are the last things that i see
Then i know the beauties that heaven hold for me