Deana Rode Biography

I don't think I qualify to be classified in any particular genre of poetry...I simply write how I'm feeling, hence why a poem doesn't hit me very often. I can't go back and write about something that's happened, I can only write about what I'm going through at that very moment. I can't write happy poems, hence why all of them are a bit on the dark side. My poems rarely rhyme, and I don't attempt to make them rhyme...but I really think that's what makes my stuff unique.

I hope that when you read these you don't critique them like you would someone who does this for a living, but read them as if you were reading my personal journal, and if you can feel the way I did at the time then I've been successful.

I've organized my poems by Year, so that you can get a sense of how I've grown since I began this journey back when I was 14. Hopefully, you all will see the growth and appreciate the changes my poetry underwent over the years.

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