Deb Panda

Freshman - 602 Points (1992 / KEONJHAR, ODISHA, INDIA)

Biography of Deb Panda

Deb Panda poet

I am DEBADARSHI PANDA, born in a remote, rural village of KEONJHAR, ODISHA.

I had my primary education in my village school, secondary in a nearby school of my village.
My secondary school, teachers played a significant part in the evolution of poetry so as my early life. All my teachers are the constant source of inspiration for me in all my pursuit, especially teachers of LITERATURE, MATHEMATICS.
I do believe it is the eternal truth; the thoughts wear the dress through a sensitive heart only for the endless blessings of my great teachers till today I met.
I feel amazed at any piece writing I complete, that how could I write. It may be intangible, yet vividly in my thought I only pray them. At every step I felt their blessings guiding me. I must offer my prayer to them, heartiest bowing…

The words spell a magic when the true intense beats match your heart. Words leave an indelible impression, lifeline for the tumultuous life. I ventured into this land in my thoughts long before they were materialized, there beauty felt in words. They are the pivotal stature in my journey, to let the thoughts fly above the clouds as eagle. They surely rekindle the spirit of humanity; profess the ideal to through light on the path to lead. The nature has always inspired so as the circumstances, dearth of idealism, to write and evolve, to percolate the message of this blissful creation, of the greatest teacher for learning. The more I have tried to unleash; more I have been enshrouded, every time many things have left. I firmly believe that’s life; the next one is always the best one, brimmed with optimism, endless possibilities. It is all what life has taught till today…

Deb Panda's Works:

this venture is on pipeline, soon will see the light... Updates

Two Odes Not Married

Let not be taken, twice the plentitude merry;
Yet; little is, that worth not strove to loves worth
Fall to beating the bushy lane, amass worry-
Mess up, sullen hour and tears frozen, to path
To where, it started and passed, torments to bury!
Wonder! Not too stars of clatters heard-
In twilight-far, behind the hunger-lagged man
Into crank mine, equally to killing wizard
‘Cruel’ - sweep to their instinct- marry Life-

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