Deb StevensHines

Rookie (23/7/1960 / Sydney)

Biography of Deb StevensHines

Deb StevensHines poet

Growing up as a child of the 'sixties', life was good, but something was brewing elsewhere..Watching as a father came back from a war but had already long left his family at home, a young mother raised her two girls. One of them loved to write, especially poetry! Awards encourgaed the girl to continue into later years, but not until the sad passing of her mother did she decide to become a published author, each book dedicated to her mother's memory. Today, the same girl uses her 'army of words' to raise crucial awareness to the cancer which took her mother from her life.

Deb StevensHines's Works:

'A Piece of my Mind' Published by Martin Management 2001 Sydney
'Precious Cache-poetry in our lives' Published by Debbie Stevens and Lulu
'On Your Feet'-short stories Published at Lulu by Debbie Stevens
'A Piece Of My Mind-Special Edition 2006' Published at Lulu by Debbie Stevens
'Follow a Freesia-short stories/poems' Published at Lulu by Debbie Stevens
'DUST PACKS' Published by S Cuppari Publishing
'Silent Denial' [unpublished] Updates

'A Cuspian'

Swinging like the pendulum
Back and forth I sway
Surely a happy medium
Oh who am I today?

I’d like to fire up a storm
Though question why I bother
It’s not a choice I clearly see
For I am like no other

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