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I’m a buckeye from Ohio, and now live in sunny Florida, forty-seven years old and Mother of two wonderful boys, ages nineteen and twenty-two.

My passion is scribbling my words onto the bark of white. It’s a fabulous release and if you make one person smile, or relate to your experiences, then its well worth letting the ink flow from your soul.

I grew up with the nickname Sunshinegirl, dubbed to me by my father and uncle when I was a child. They called me that for my sunny smile and yellow hair. I have always used this nickname to sign all my dribbles.

I have been all over the USA and Canada as I traveled with a carnival for eight years. I got to taste some of lives wonders
I have been truly blessed to explore a small part of our big blue marble.

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Sensual Lavender Dreams
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Skating On Saturn's Rings
A Dreamers Aura ~.~ Always Dreaming ~.~ Poetry & Short Stories & Haiku's ~.~ Exploring Life ~.~ Painted Words On The Bark of White ~.~ Created With Ink That Flowed From The Heart & Soul Of SunShineGirl

I grew up with the nickname SunShineGirl, dubbed to me by my father and uncle when I was a child for my smile and hair. I have always signed all my dribbles with it. I also enjoy making web pages and CinE's (Poetry Brought to Life)

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I take each day and explore it and learn all I can between the sunrise and sunset. Life is a beautiful gift enjoy it to the fullest. Updates

Understanding As One

There are three types of souls
searching the vast space we call home
Forever wondering
For an answer

Lost Souls

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