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I’m a buckeye from Ohio, and now live in sunny Florida, forty-seven years old and Mother of two wonderful boys, ages nineteen and twenty-two.

My passion is scribbling my words onto the bark of white. It’s a fabulous release and if you make one person smile, or relate to your experiences, then its well worth letting the ink flow from your soul.

I grew up with the nickname Sunshinegirl, dubbed to me by my father and uncle when I was a child. They called me that for my sunny smile and yellow hair. I have always used this nickname to sign all my dribbles.

I have been all over the USA and Canada as I traveled with a carnival for eight years. I got to taste some of lives wonders
I have been truly blessed to explore a small part of our big blue marble.

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Sensual Lavender Dreams
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Skating On Saturn's Rings
A Dreamers Aura ~.~ Always Dreaming ~.~ Poetry & Short Stories & Haiku's ~.~ Exploring Life ~.~ Painted Words On The Bark of White ~.~ Created With Ink That Flowed From The Heart & Soul Of SunShineGirl

I grew up with the nickname SunShineGirl, dubbed to me by my father and uncle when I was a child for my smile and hair. I have always signed all my dribbles with it. I also enjoy making web pages and CinE's (Poetry Brought to Life)

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I take each day and explore it and learn all I can between the sunrise and sunset. Life is a beautiful gift enjoy it to the fullest. Updates

As The Dolphin Cries

I'm a child of a world so far away
Yet I am here

I can hear you
You're touching my soul
Reaching in to the depth of my imagination
You have me in your hold

You're a child of a world so far away

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