Debbie Taylor

Biography of Debbie Taylor

Debbie Taylor was the chosen performing name of an American soul singer.

She was born "Maddie (pronounced Maydie) Bell Galvin" in Norfolk, Virginia. As a young child she sang gospel in her father's church and toured nationally as a gospel singer while a teenager. Recognition led to recording contracts while she was still a teenager. From a brief marriage during her 20's, she changed her last name to "Myles". To ensure the correct pronunciation of her first name she adopted the phonetic version "Maydie". She currently resides in Connecticut where she is still actively singing under her real name, Maydie Myles. More information about her history and current activities can be found on her website,

Her recording career between 1968 and 1975 saw her produce some of the most impassioned vocal performances ever committed to vinyl. Her sudden unexplained departure from the music industry and the lyrical content of her last ever recording "I don't wanna' leave you" have been the cause of much speculation with parallels having been drawn with a lot of the mythology surrounding blues guitarist and singer Robert Johnston.

Little is known about her background, date of birth etc., but she has achieved iconic status with fans of soul music due, in the main, to her pairing / partnership with songwriter / producers David Jordan and Patrick Adams Research.

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