Debendra Majhi

Biography of Debendra Majhi

The Poet is a Civil Servant presently posted in New Delhi in a crucial Ministry in the Federal Government of India. He has widely travelled around the globe. Though he aspired to express inner self since long, poem hunter provided an appropriate platform.Through Poems, he intends to share his observations and life-experiences with the people at large.

Debendra Majhi's Works:

IEC Strategy for Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS among Truckers in India: Published by International Institute of Social Studies(IISS) , Hague & Erasmus University, Netherlands(2007-8) .Besides, many Poems and Research Papers also got published in National and International Journals/Magazines. Updates


Science exults frosted exit
Conscience struggles for existence,
Reminiscent bee-line in the by lane
A Soul becomes victim of brain-drain.

Assured of belonging to the sole,
Wandered as a caravan without a goal.
Hovered, tossed around on pretext,
Neither text nor bonding with any context.

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