Deborah Ashdown

Deborah Ashdown Poems

1. Your Fuorescence 2/17/2006
2. The Homeless Man 2/20/2006
3. Life Can Be? 2/22/2006
4. How I Long 2/22/2006
5. I Have No Regrets 2/23/2006
6. My Bed-Room, My Play-Room 2/25/2006
7. My Legacy 2/27/2006
8. My Shadow 3/1/2006
9. Not Enough Time 2/12/2006
10. No Consideration 2/12/2006
11. Silver Lining 3/6/2006
12. I Love You 2/12/2006
13. No Cure 2/12/2006
14. Knock Knock 2/15/2006
15. My Man 2/15/2006
16. Your Flourescence 2/17/2006
17. My Reflection 2/17/2006
18. My Friend Duncan 2/17/2006
19. Remember? 2/12/2006
20. Cleaned Away 2/24/2006
21. Lifes Re-Cycle 3/2/2006
22. My Lost Love 2/14/2006
23. My Sister 2/15/2006
24. My Magic Box 2/12/2006
25. A Day Outside 2/13/2006
26. I Hate You Daddy 2/12/2006
27. Smile 2/12/2006
28. My True Love 2/22/2006

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My True Love

When you're in pain, I will endure pain.
When you cry, I will perceive your sorrow.
When you're ill, I will restore your health.
When you're cold, I will be your insulation.
When you feel hunger, I will nourish you.
When you're weak, I will be your strength.
When you no longer breath, I will harbour your memory.
When you stray, I will forgive you.
When you shout, I will not rise to your holler.
When you want to be alone, I will permit you space.
When you no longer feel love, I will not blame you.
When you argue, I will not strike back.
When you no longer ...

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How I Long

Earth was once a foundation of beauty.
Created for the human race to digest and acknowledge.
Green pastures, animals grazing on their fodder.
Children sat in sunshine making daisy chains.
Magnitude of country-side that extended for miles.
Flowers to admire and not to be unearthed.

Earth is no longer a foundation of beauty.
Human race as seen to that!

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