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I have been writing for 3 decades. When my early work was first acknowledged, word got out that I was writing poetry. Family I didn't know I had, contacted me with history. I discovered there were poets on both sides of the family. The poetry world is outstanding. I live to know more. Books and books, thousands of poems, it is amazing. So many writers, sharing their thoughts and feelings. Bringing them to life to keep poetry alive.

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None as of yet, but I am forever working on it. I get closer every day. Three years have gone by since I posted poetry on this site, back in 2009. (met some wonderful people too) I used to write poetry every day almost. Now? I find myself just living it in all parts of my day and life.7-25-2012 Updates


Onward and forward, into confession
Looking to answers, for my quiet obsession
Night always ends with one more page written
Without teeth or marks, how was I bitten
Mine is not to question, nor to ask why
Only to understand, while lifted so high
The mind may go places, some will never know
Places of secret, for the special to go
To journey and travel deep into thought

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