Deborah Digges

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  • ''...they seem embarrassed by their own stupid beauty./Erect, with those decorous irridescent [sic] rings/around their throats and eyes,/theirs is the plump strut of royalty/parading dutifully among the poor.''
    Deborah Digges (b. 1950), U.S. author. "Descent of Man," lines 7-11 (1986).
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Telling the Bees

It fell to me to tell the bees,
though I had wanted another duty—
to be the scribbler at his death,
there chart the third day's quickening.
But fate said no, it falls to you
to tell the bees, the middle daughter.
So it was written at your birth.
I wanted to keep the fire, working
the constant arranging and shifting

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