Deborah Downes

Biography of Deborah Downes

I am a child of the sixties who never got over it. I am an RN by profession, married for 29 yrs to Carl who is yin to my yang, proud mother of Rachel & Eric, and most importantly, I am a child of God, raised in the Catholic traditions. I tend to be passionate in both my likes and dislikes which is why I am so drawn to poetry. I cannot think of a better way to distill & express my feelings.

Deborah Downes's Works:

Currently working on a collection of poetry, to be entitled 'Musings out of Madness' Updates


Unkempt dreadlocks and threadbare suit
he enters the subway car with confident stride
The smells of neglect clear a path for him
as though he were a king.

He takes a seat and with uplifted chin
he gazes without apology at onlookers
who pretend not to notice his grand entrance.