Deborah Guzzi

Biography of Deborah Guzzi

Deborah Guzzi was born in Maine, U.S.A. Currently, she lives in Connecticut. Raised in an interfaith family with Christian and Jewish roots. She has spent many years examining the foundations of belief in higher power. Her insights come from study and travel in the U.S., the European Union and Asia. Her credentials range from B.F.A. in Fine Arts, with a Minor in Shakespear to Master’s Degrees in both Tae Kwon Do, and Usi Reiki. First published at the age of sixteen, now 64, she has been published in the 2000 & 2001 literary journals of Western Connecticut University’s Helix.

Deborah Guzzi's Works:

Self published two book available at The first book is “The Healing Heart” and is a sampler of three distinct styles of her writing. The second book “Heaven and Hell in a Nutshell” focuses on love, when it’s Heaven, when it’s Hell, and when it’s undeniably present as a gift of God. She owns and operates Empathic Touch an alternative healing site. Updates

The Sowing

Upon the wind sheltered hillside,
the sharp tang of metal and the sting of salt air lay
over a field of blood-red poppies, no Flander's Field.

At years fall, fields of rape roll like waves,
in the harshness of winter-sleet, stray boulders bow;
like the backs of mothers, daughters sowing.
Their nails torn, ragged and bleeding.
They bleed by the moon, and son upon the field.

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