Deborah Paredez Poems

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The Gulf, 1987

The day upturned, flooded with sunlight, not
a single cloud. I squint into the glare,
cautious even then of bright emptiness.

Wife's Disaster Manual

When the forsaken city starts to burn,
after the men and children have fled,
stand still, silent as prey, and slowly turn

A Cartography of Passions

here: our forsaken home

mesa breaks desert
dialing curve of mountain

Saint's Day Triolet: Saint Anthony

When no one else would listen, Saint Anthony
preached seaward, his words fishnet for the lost
souls of the heretics. Caught up in despair, we plea

Saint's Day Triolet: Saint Valentine

You're flush with hearts and I'm forced to fold
this hand and swear off another luckless match.
How we've found ways to love each other, cajoled

Tía Lucia Enters the Nursing Home

All morning my daughter pleading, outside
outside. By noon I kneel to button her
coat, tie the scarf to keep her hood in place.