Debra Masky

Rookie (12/09/196 / Hubli - India)

Debra Masky Poems

1. My Lost Friend 11/25/2008
2. To That Friend 11/25/2008
3. Is This Love Or Passion 11/25/2008
4. One Sided Telephone Conversation 11/25/2008
5. Enlightenment 1/4/2009
6. Those Magical Days 1/4/2009
7. The November Rain 1/4/2009
8. My Yesterday 1/4/2009
9. Today 1/4/2009
10. You 5/13/2009
11. That Hidden Wish 5/27/2009
12. An Old Man At The Bus Stop 6/2/2009
13. I Write 6/2/2009
14. That Feeling 12/6/2009
15. A Poem I Wrote 12/8/2009
16. I Was Just Thinking 3/10/2010
17. My Mother 4/14/2010
18. Sweet Torture 4/19/2010
19. Antara, Lived A Life, For Just One Day.. 6/3/2010
20. Don'T Lose Hope 6/10/2009
21. A Funny True Incident 2/21/2010
22. My Dad 11/25/2008
23. A New Year's Resolution 1/4/2009
24. Maybe 7/12/2009
25. A Yearning Heart 5/13/2009
26. A Feeling Called Love 2/21/2010
27. Am I Dying In Your Silence? 1/13/2010
28. Behind Those Eyes 5/13/2009
29. A Passing Moment 5/19/2009

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A Passing Moment

I was upset for he gave me no good news,
I ignored him as much as I could
But there he was again,
Standing in front of me and
Trying to convince me that
All will be well again.

He looked into my eyes and read
Every thought and word
I wanted to say to him.
He read my mind and assured me that there
will be no hell again.

My eyes gleamed of a new hope
When he spoke to me
His every word seemed so much to me
And I appreciate every effort he has taken in me.

He said work fright,
Just get over with it
Skip the fear and just ...

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Is This Love Or Passion

Passion is a horse that knows no master, And I cannot with fences make it stay. It must run free towards daylight or disaster, Away to a new day. So I must say what you don’t want to hear, But it’s a truth that both of us must bear.
For us life passes like a dream, Revealing only what is on our minds.
I don’t understand what happened to us Or why you have turned away.
Guess you are playing Hard to get? Of course you are free to do as you like, But first I have something to say.
To me i

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