Debra Wilson

Biography of Debra Wilson

I am a writer from Knoxville, Tennessee.I call myself writer because, this is what God wants me to be.Someone who puts his words down on paper for others to read.And by writing, I am spreading God's words all over the world and for many years after I am gone.I give my Grandmother Geneva credit also.She was a wonderful writer.And hopefully I can be a wonderful writer too...Thank You God for making it possible. Updates

God's Love

We work and plow our gardens so we can have nice things to eat.Year after year, this we repeat.God gave us sun and rain, also aches and pain.Then we walk around and look at the beauty that grows on our ground.We put our hearts in what we do, and then we can give it to you.God blesses it seems so much.He gives us his loving touch.We go from here to

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