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I'm not going to pretend to be one of these 'modern' poets who go around pretending to be oh-so-emotional and sensitive, as if what they do is just write things by how they feel and what 'comes naturally'. Mozart didn't just rip out a concerto, Picasso didn't just brush off a painting, Shakespeare didn't spew out a sonnet. I don't claim to be particularly emotional or especially sensitive to feelings, but I try hard to write something vaguely passable as a poem.

But yeah, I'm 16 and am VERY amateur at this. Apologies for the above paragraph, I just dislike these people who take the view that if you sometimes write poetry you're too sensitive/a wuss/gay. I write it because its fun and I get enjoyment out of it.

Read some of it if you want. Comment if you like. I really don't mind.

Also if you wanna talk more then just ask and we can talk about whatever =)

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A while ago we were happy,
I loved the way you smiled at me.
There's a light in your blood-shot eyes
I remember I used to see.

But last time you were here before
I couldn't look you in the eye
I sheepishly shifted my weight
Cos looking at you made me cry

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