Dee Slater

Rookie (12/17/83 / Soeul, South Korea)

Biography of Dee Slater

My real name is Amanda, but but my friends call me Dee.I am an Asian-American high school science teacher.I write poetry only when the spirit moves me. These poems that I have submitted were written during significant times in my life. The one poem Questions seems different from the others that I written, and it is. Its irregular rhythm is supposed to reflect the irratic behavior. I encourage any suggestions to improve my work. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did writing them. Updates

Fairy Queen

Amid the lushious green
Near the lily white
Reigns the Fairy Queen
On a throne so bright
Her ruby hair flows free
Her eyes a brilliant blue
In her heart's a melody
Her gown's an emerald hue
Among the trees her palace lies
Her servants are the gnomes
She rules with a gentle sigh
In a land where beauty roams

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