Rookie - 422 Points (09/1965 / Australia)


1. A Broken Heart Speaks Love 11/23/2010
2. A Crack In Time 8/14/2012
3. A Dream Within A Dream, 11/20/2010
4. A Happy Place... 4/15/2015
5. A Lonely Soul Choosing To Be Lost.... 5/18/2015
6. A Myriad Of Coloured Dreams... 8/15/2012
7. A Night Of Love... 2/5/2011
8. A Night Of Peaceful Sleep 8/14/2012
9. A Silence Comes Within Me... 8/15/2012
10. A Single Teardrop... 2/5/2011
11. A Waterfall Of Empty Tears 11/23/2010
12. A Waterfall Of Screams 11/23/2010
13. A Window's Pain 8/14/2012
14. A Wishful Touch... 8/15/2012
15. Adrift On Butterfly Wings.. 8/15/2012
16. All Alone With My Thoughts... 8/15/2012
17. Alone In My Room 11/20/2010
18. Alone In The Dark 11/20/2010
19. Alone With Me... 8/15/2012
20. Angel Of Hope Come Now To Me... 2/5/2011
21. Autumn Has Come, My Beautiful Friend… 5/5/2014
22. Autumn’s Last Dance…. 5/5/2014
23. Beachcombing On A Beach Of Desire...A Beach Of Dreams... 10/20/2010
24. Beauty 11/20/2010
25. Beauty With Sadness.. 8/15/2012
26. Between The Darkness And Dreams... 8/8/2012
27. Bitter Sweet 12/15/2016
28. Black As The Rainbow… 10/20/2014
29. Black Rain... 8/25/2015
30. Blue Moon 8/31/2012
31. Blue Roses For Thee... 4/30/2015
32. Broken Time.... 2/6/2011
33. Caged Away For All These Years... 8/15/2012
34. Caged In My Misery 11/20/2010
35. Calypso Jungle... 12/11/2011
36. Celestial Dreams.. 9/1/2012
37. Cemetary Of My Soul 11/20/2010
38. Chains... 12/10/2011
39. Cold Dark.. 11/20/2010
40. Contemplate On Life Often 9/10/2012

In The Dark...

In the dark I stand alone
In the dark I think this is my home

I think of you in the dark
I think of our possible love in the dark

I believe in you to lead me to the dark light
So here I am in the dark as I await

In the dark I stand alone

For every tear I shed, you take a piece of light
With every piece of light you own my soul

I love this, but will you ever return my love

In the dark I stand alone

Even the hurt can not keep me away
I still fight to be in you veins

In the dark I stand alone
In the dark I think of you as...

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Cosmical Garden

Afloat upon space dust in this world
Riding time as though it doesn’t exist
Fleeting through and planting here
Somewhere close yet not so near

Like a young seed thirsting for rain,
I want to grow, and feel the same
In your vast world where love is born,
And good-bye is the painful thorn

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