• ''You have age, imagination and talent
    You have honesty
    You have positivity
    What you lack is action
    And that makes all the difference
    And all your virtues dormant''
    To younger generation wasting time in daydreaming and mere idleness
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  • ''I won't forsake my action
    Until I am assured
    A safe place in heaven''
    To work till the last breath
  • ''Life is certainly boring,
    but when you start living it
    You will aspire more of it''
    To live life positively
  • ''Keep on trying
    and you will see
    things once looking more difficult
    are now becoming more easy''
    Not to give up come what may
  • ''To innovate is not to beat
    And to beat is not to innovate
    Innovation is creating new things
    Modifying old ones a little bit''
    To create things positively
  • ''Imagination is a thing with wings
    Flying higher and higher
    And on reaching there
    Aspires to go a little further''
    To imagine is to go beyond
  • ''I fail to succeed and succeed to fail
    After all both are my assets''
    Success and failure are part of life
  • ''As the whole world is one,
    and a holistic universe and the
    world is your own, you need not be a loner
    For the world needs you and is
    always behind you today and as ever''
    To inspire a person who prefers to be alone
  • ''Confronting or counselling a person,
    When he is angry is like adding fuel to fire''
    Circumstances of life
  • ''Smoking makes you hero first,
    Then reduces you to zero next''

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Birds(10 Short Poems)

Birds {10 short poems}

Oh, you little birds;
Happy to see you in your nest, so pretty,
so nice clinging to your mother’s breast

Wish my castle
Be like your nest where
God always rests

Wish to speak to you
In softest words, don’t shy away
As it pains me all the way

In a day, you will fly away
Sweet birds, up in the sky a happy fly
Not known to me your way

Only your songs
Treasured in my memory will
Chase you wherever you go and stay

Clear and blue is the sky
Grasses green and trees in leafage anew ...

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Fairy little bird;
Soaring very high,
As if to touch the sky,
Oh, little bird,
Leaping forward
On mission high
To rob the blue of the sky,

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