Deidre Dixon

Freshman - 696 Points (6-18-1961 / Gary, Indiana)

Biography of Deidre Dixon

Deidre Dixon poet

Deidre L. Dixon is a poet, songwriter, artist, speaker and entrepreneur who uses the canvas of life for inspiration. She was born and raised in Gary, IN. She is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a published author and songwriter. Through her writing, Deidre seeks to challenge, empower, encourage and inspire readers. She has one son, Brandon, a grandson, Carter, and lives in the Miller Beach area of Gary, Indiana.

Deidre Dixon's Works:

Fitly Spoken Words: A Book of Poetry, Prose & Powerful Revelations Updates

Bad To The Bone!

Taken by God from the rib of a man
Hand crafted by the Almighty’s powerful hand
Fearfully and wonderfully made with a womb
With intricate curves in your body to make room
To form a male He used something as simple as dust
He knew you would have to nourish so He made you with a bust
To make the male using dust shows He didn’t have to dig very deep
The female is so bad that before He made her, He had to put the male to sleep
He took woman from the part of the body that provides protection

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