delalorm fiaka

Rookie [kosi.fiaka] (19th JUNE 1988 / ACCRA, GHANA)

delalorm fiaka Poems

1. Ripples 4/13/2013
2. Enemy Within 4/13/2013
3. Kings? Or Pins? 4/13/2013
4. From The Soul Through To The Sole. 4/13/2013
5. Voices In A Bottle 4/13/2013
6. Atemuda 4/13/2013
7. Tick Tock..Why Wait In Shock? 4/13/2013
8. A Hole In The Whole Identity. 4/13/2013
9. Salvos Of The Fugitive 4/16/2013
10. My Psalm 12/29/2013
11. Soot On The Mirror 12/29/2013
12. When It Reigns It Paws 12/29/2013
13. I Sure Will Be There...Or? 12/29/2013
14. Whines Before Wine 12/29/2013
15. Coin 12/29/2013
16. Snaps Of Schnapps Of Oblivion 12/29/2013
17. To My Grandmother 12/29/2013
18. You, You Me And Us 12/29/2013
19. All The Days Of My Life 6/3/2014
20. The Odder Side Of The Other Side 12/29/2013
21. In The Very Crust Of Retrogression 12/29/2013
22. Now And Then 12/29/2013
23. Sans Kania! 4/13/2013
24. Incandescent Pretence! 4/13/2013
25. Just Call Me Victory! ! ! 4/26/2013
Best Poem of delalorm fiaka

Just Call Me Victory! ! !

When i stepped into the ring..
i didn't aim to fight..i came to win..
when i heard the commencing bell ring...
on the crown i set my sights...complacency in the bin..

When they threw the first punch...
i grimaced, then i stuttered...
then steadied and remained staunch...
red faced..pulse fast paced but resilience far from shattered...

Then i mustered my first jab..
aimed straight at the temples..
a mastered duck met could sometimes be a crab..
headless to my combos..swish dodgy ensembles..

Get into the corner...
who? me? the ...

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Enemy Within

It hurts, it burns, pure agony it churns
In pits pitch black it tosses and turns
For your foot’s trip and your fortune’s dip it eagerly yearns
Flourishing uninvited among life’s blossoming ferns

It wails with flails frantic enough to derail
The wagon of progress and all it entails
Benign it beckons to a perpetual jail
Leaving ashes of a crippling furnace in its trail

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