Della Perry

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Della Perry Poems

241. Football Widow 8/31/2015
242. Poetry Widower 8/31/2015
243. Hunger For Knowledge 8/30/2017
244. No Distance 8/30/2017
245. Now Is A Silence 8/30/2017
246. The Pawn Piece 6/23/2017
247. Our Class 6/23/2017
248. My Tranquil Garden 6/23/2017
249. Madness Is Normal 6/22/2017
250. Pandora Lost Hope 7/17/2016
251. Holiday Cocktails 9/27/2015
252. Pirates, What Would You Like To Be? 10/18/2015
253. Gem Of The East 6/12/2016
254. Opening Doors 10/18/2015
255. Future 6/26/2016
256. Our Dog Is A Werewolf 6/26/2016
257. Baby Cried 7/17/2016
258. Echoes Of Ridicule 8/31/2015
259. Shells 9/13/2015
260. Queen Of Fake 9/13/2015
261. Kenning - Teacher 9/20/2015
262. Lost Childhood 8/31/2015
263. Tiddles 8/31/2015
264. Wintery Senses 2/16/2017
265. Philosopher 8/31/2015
266. Ludlow's Busking Twins 8/31/2015
267. Rehearsal 9/23/2015
268. Love Bomb 9/13/2015
269. Cheated Childhoods 8/31/2015
270. She Was Like A Rainbow - Rainbow Girl 9/3/2015
271. Love's Arms 8/31/2015
Best Poem of Della Perry

Love's Arms

Love opened his arms, he welcomed me
Into that warm embrace
But it wasn't enough, not enough for me
I was still part of the race.
I slipped through the fingers, running solidly
Into the darkness ahead.
I didn't look around me
I didn't see my feet
Just days ahead of dread.
Love opened his arms, he welcomed me
Even though I scoffed
He remained there, he took away the fear
He showed he cared.
Yes, love opened his arms, welcomed me into the embrace
The warmth of that love
And I cling on still
With all my might
Thanking the Lord above.

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Key Stage 2 Poet

Its truth glares from the mirror
Hanging crippled on the wall
I'm not a 'Blake, Eliot or Plath'
Not educated enough to follow that winding path
I'm just a Key Stage 2 Poet.
My silly jottings mean so much to eleven year old philosophers
But not a lot to the more mature generation
Who tend to roll their eyes of disapproval.
Never mind, thought my heart be down-trodden by its failure

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