Della Perry

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  • ''Diets and chocolate digestives don't go together I find.''
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  • ''When a child refuses to talk, and says they don't want to talk, they usually have something important that they do need to say. Have patience and listen hard.''
  • ''If an opinion is voiced but no-one listens to it, is it still a valid opinion?''
  • ''If you had the encouragement and means
    What could you have been?
    If you had the love and care
    Who could you be?
    Give your child encouragement, love, care, respect,
    And see what your child can achieve.''
  • ''Have you made someone smile today, been kind to someone today? Are you proud of yourself today?''
  • ''If I am me, and you are you,
    Would I be you?
    And you be me?
    I wonder....''
  • ''Little niggling thoughts should never be ignored
    For in them lies the seeds of your destiny.''
  • ''They break you
    Expect you to pick up all the pieces.''
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Best Poem of Della Perry

Love's Arms

Love opened his arms, he welcomed me
Into that warm embrace
But it wasn't enough, not enough for me
I was still part of the race.
I slipped through the fingers, running solidly
Into the darkness ahead.
I didn't look around me
I didn't see my feet
Just days ahead of dread.
Love opened his arms, he welcomed me
Even though I scoffed
He remained there, he took away the fear
He showed he cared.
Yes, love opened his arms, welcomed me into the embrace
The warmth of that love
And I cling on still
With all my might
Thanking the Lord above.

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Therefore, I have no answers
No reasons echo in my empty cavity of mind
Solutions are hidden in complexity cupboards
Doors jammed shut with rhyme
Responses ran away in opposite directions
Like will'o'wisps disappearing in little clouds of haze.
An unidentified woman
Nameless; retorted air
Just questions;

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