Demetress Kirkley

Rookie (November 21 1988 / Wadesboro, North Carolina)

Biography of Demetress Kirkley

I was born on a Monday, in the month of November on the 21st day, of the year 1988. This event occurred in the small town of Wadesboro, NC. I first began writing poetry in the 5th grade. My first poem was a haiku. My teacher inspired me so much with her delight in my poem that I continued writing every now and then. As I grew older my poetry took on a more mature depth. Meaning it aged as I did, developing the same emotions as I have in me. So to understand me, to know more about me, you would have to read my poetry.

Demetress Kirkley's Works:

No Published books at the moment. Updates

A World Called Fear

Sometimes I hold myself still, and watch life go by,
As if I'm waiting on everything to be goodbye,
Eyes closed, as if I'm afraid to look high,
A fear of heights, do I dare fly?
But here I am and life's gone by,
Body closed out, a truth not a lie,
In this world of mine, mine as in my.

But if I were to be honest, with myself.

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