Denaj Anderson

Denaj Anderson Poems

1. Keep That Hope Alive You! 10/1/2011
2. Faraway Love 10/1/2011
3. In My Mind 10/1/2011
4. Dream 10/1/2011
5. Hello In The Morning. 10/1/2011
6. Celebrate Your Life. 10/1/2011
7. Unspoken. 10/1/2011
8. Pop 'Em Like I Pop 'Em 10/1/2011
9. Something New 10/1/2011
10. Look 10/1/2011
11. Heart Aches 10/1/2011
12. My Love. 10/1/2011
13. Never Give Up. 10/1/2011
14. Smile. 10/1/2011
15. I Will Love You 10/1/2011
16. All I Want Is You 10/1/2011
17. Achievers. 10/1/2011
18. Pop Song 10/1/2011
19. My Last 10/1/2011
20. Boom Boom 10/1/2011
21. Best Day Ever 10/1/2011
Best Poem of Denaj Anderson

Best Day Ever

best day ever

Best year ever

Here I go thinking

Its going to be the best day ever

Clouds out, sun's glare

Birds singing in the shower

My pocket's loaded

My wallet's pregnant

My house is large than ever

Got all the things a man would ever.

Nice car and all the jewelery

Shades of every kind

You wont really miss me

Nice clothing of silk

Oh mr. bentley

We would look like twins

If you were near me.

But yet I sit down wondering how

Oh man why? ...

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Faraway Love

You have those eyes that resembles the lights on New York night

Those lips that reminds me of the mountains in Spain

and hair that flows like a flamingo in flight

Your voice is smooth like California wine

And your taste is sweet like la pan from Brazil

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