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Biography of Denis Mair

I love exploring symbols in the BOOK OF CHANGES, which I treat as a book of QUESTIONS. The symbols are like seed-crystals that stimulate me to build an interpretive, expressive edifice. I try to write about them from a poetic standpoint. You can see my essays HERE (I suggest starting from the bottom of the list) :

About Me:
In a suburb outside of all ring roads, so far from the capital it's in another province, fortune allows him to walk in fields where houses are now planted. Swaths of gentrification happened with help of one-time payments, which even now are being gambled away over mahjong tables. He only knows this from the newspaper.He holes up in Gloaming Studio, waxing commentarial over gnarly symbols, but only as a hobby. When amusing words occur to him, he misses how his daughter would have laughed, but she is hitched to a native up Alaska way. On a gradient of freshness, he remembers “clear” lungfuls of L.A. air. Blessedly his orbit takes him at times to an inn in Shangrila, once even to a Frozen Waterfall Festival. He has been allowed to spend whole days in company with the congenitally kind, and these same literati send him projects down an intermittent pipeline. His proudest prize is a goblet won on Poets and Painters Day at the local artists' village.

Denis Mair's Works:

In September 2016 my poems were featured on
The editors asked for unpublished work, so I sent them material that does not appear on PoemHunter. The selections include my responses to Tang-era poets of China. I've been reading the Tang poets for a long time, so I wrote some short poems in response to them. You can read them HERE:

Black And White Animals

- written after a visit to the Panda Propagation Center in Chengdu

In Mother Nature's gallery when I walk down a corridor of colors
I am dazzled to see white and black appearing on a single creature.
The zebra's coat has stripes of black and white in alternation;
As for the orca, its white belly is set off from its ebony back
To manifest a streamlined yin-yang symbol, or a racing design.
Is there a message I'm missing, or am I just perplexed?
Because I know, for sure, something strang

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