Denis Mair

Gold Star - 14,753 Points [Mei Danli]

Denis Mair Poems

41. Thought-Farmer 6/27/2015
42. Offering, By Luowu Muga 7/21/2016
43. Finally Comes The White Peacock 5/7/2016
44. Skies 5/1/2017
45. My Father's Eightieth Birthday 1 7/2/2017
46. July Rain In Seattle (Haiku) 7/27/2017
47. Galileo's Gaze 6/27/2015
48. Which Color? 2/7/2016
49. Valentine's Day Concert 3/28/2016
50. Walking The Temple Dog 3/28/2017
51. Pampas Grass Near Malibu 7/25/2016
52. Deserving Of Garlands 5/6/2016
53. So Says The Peacock 6/27/2015
54. Zoo Break 8/9/2016
55. Doppleresque 10/5/2015
56. The Lawn Grass Elf 6/27/2015
57. Cat, By Shu Yu 7/17/2016
58. Godhuli 5/12/2017
59. I Want To Be Your Personal Poetry Trainer 7/2/2015
60. The Origin Of Poetry 3/28/2016
61. Stewardess Of The New Age (& Odia Version) 2/7/2016
62. George And Me 6/27/2015
63. Bait Of Pity 6/27/2015
64. Like Something Shared Between Poets 4/6/2016
65. Which Color? 2 5/5/2016
66. Original Soup Of Life 8/24/2016
67. Cows In Mysore 6/26/2015
68. The Mountain That Still Needs Climbing 7/2/2015
69. Visiting The Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai 2/14/2016
Best Poem of Denis Mair

Visiting The Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai

A song session under a banyan tree begins the day
Girls in moth-wing saris, young men in white tunics
Disperse to cottage-style classrooms in a forest
Students follow after their teachers, learning by ear
Soaking up the song cycles of Ghandarvaveda music
Devotional strains ring out in this secular school
Art is the vehicle, so a wanderer like me feels at home
As Bach's chorales made me Christian at least in sympathy
Now I peek into the dance theater, roofed in thatch
Bharatanayam dancers are going through basic steps
Bodies and heads tilt as if guided by inner ...

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So Says The Peacock

Take a look at this ornament. How does it make you feel?

See how my eyespots can gather you in from all angles. See how kaleidoscopically I enjoy the beauty of your crest from all compass points of my tail.

With all these eyes I know where the best seeds are. Come and I can show you the best forage spots.

All my eyespots sway gently in the breeze. Imagine how we will gaze together on the perfect garden!

The refracted light from my feathers gives an appearance of liquid depth. My ne

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