Denis Martindale

Denis Martindale Poems

361. Little Jewel 11/7/2010
362. Nemesis 11/9/2010
363. Young Guns 11/17/2010
364. Do You Love Yourself, My Friend? 1/7/2011
365. Be All That You Can Be 1/9/2011
366. Beauty At Its Best 1/9/2011
367. Cute 1/12/2011
368. Jennifersjpgs.Shows.It 1/12/2011
369. Get Your Hair Cut! 1/12/2011
370. Vicky 1/21/2011
371. Emma 1/22/2011
372. Wolf Trail 1/23/2011
373. River Patrol 1/23/2011
374. Katie 1/23/2011
375. The Final Red, Red Rose 10/26/2010
376. Drying Off 10/29/2010
377. White Majesty 1/27/2011
378. Lazy Afternoon 1/29/2011
379. * The Prince Of Prints 1/31/2011
380. The Gifts That Come From The Heart 1/31/2011
381. A Glimpse Of Eternity 2/1/2011
382. A Knight Of The Realm 2/2/2011
383. If Only I'D Done More 2/4/2011
384. I Should Be Doing So Much More 2/4/2011
385. The Ultimate Symbol Of Love 2/5/2011
386. Mud Bath 2/6/2011
387. The Attack 2/6/2011
388. From The Rose To The Ring 2/7/2011
389. Single-Minded 2/7/2011
390. The Freeview User Manual 2/7/2011
391. Quantum Memory Power 2/8/2011
392. Springing To Conclusions 2/9/2011
393. The Cupboard Of Loveliness 2/9/2011
394. The Loneliest Day Of The Year 2/11/2011
395. The Loveliest Day Of The Year 2/11/2011
396. Drowsy 2/17/2011
397. Bush Master 2/21/2011
398. Good Mother 2/22/2011
399. Beauty 2/22/2011
400. Edge Of The Night 2/23/2011

Comments about Denis Martindale

  • Petals Azureblue Petals Azureblue (7/30/2018 2:25:00 PM)

    Denis Martindale's poems have blessed me a lot. He writes on matters of the Spirit and the Most High God sometimes reassuringly and sometimes challenging. His presence on this site is a blessing for souls that seek the Light. Thank you Denis.

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  • Bernard F. Asuncion Bernard F. Asuncion (7/17/2018 3:26:00 AM)

    Denis Martindale is such a great poet with a marvelous pen.... I have written the poem LOVELY EARLINESS for him.....🤓🤓🤓🙏🙏🙏

Best Poem of Denis Martindale

Giant Panda!

A baby Panda has to eat,
How else can Pandas grow?
He has to stand upon his feet,
To go where he must go!
He has to blossom like a rose
That rises to the sun
And that's the answer, Heaven knows,
Why chewing must be done...

But left alone to chew, chew, chew,
The growing Panda swells!
His belly bulges into view,
As he does nothing else...
As if there's reason to make haste
While he looks mighty glad,
No exercise to trim his waist,
He looks just like his Dad!

But Giant Panda, must you stay
As plumped up as you are?
It's ...

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Temptation comes in many forms,
They're mostly human, though...
At first, temptation gently warms,
Then boils to overflow!
As humans, we're weak as water!
What strength can we provide?
When we don't do what we oughta,
Billions of sighs are sighed!
Man's conscience warns and gives us pause...

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