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Denis Martindale Poems

1201. A Tale Of Two Cultures 3/19/2017
1202. Look, I Am Coming Quickly! 3/20/2017
1203. We Thank You, Lord! 3/21/2017
1204. From Scribbler To Scribe! 3/21/2017
1205. '' Look, I Am Coming Soon! '' 3/21/2017
1206. Do I Make Plans Before I Write? 3/22/2017
1207. The Precious Pinnacle Of Poetry! 3/22/2017
1208. The Stephen Gayford Art Gallery 3/22/2017
1209. You Won The Auction! 3/22/2017
1210. Walking With Jesus... 3/23/2017
1211. My Heartfelt Message Of Love... 3/23/2017
1212. As Cold As Canada! 3/23/2017
1213. White Wolves 3/24/2017
1214. Can You Share A Poem About Love? 3/25/2017
1215. What Can I Write? What Should I Write? 3/26/2017
1216. * Cataneo Bt Font Size 20 3/26/2017
1217. What Makes Poetry Beautiful? 3/26/2017
1218. I Thank God For Your Life! 3/26/2017
1219. Father, Forgive Them! 3/27/2017
1220. Why Do You Write? 3/27/2017
1221. Fire Of The Spirit! 3/28/2017
1222. Is It Good Enough! ? 3/29/2017
1223. Look For Revelation! 3/30/2017
1224. Jesus Loves Me! 3/30/2017
1225. God Bless My Brother In Christ! 4/2/2017
1226. God Bless My Sister In Christ! 4/2/2017
1227. God Bless My Brother And Sister In Christ! 4/2/2017
1228. What Is Free Verse? 4/2/2017
1229. Stand Still And See The Salvation Of The Lord! 4/3/2017
1230. God's Knight In Shining Armour! 4/4/2017
1231. Do It Again, Lord! 4/4/2017
1232. We Are Nothing Without The Lord! 4/4/2017
1233. How He's On The Ball... 4/4/2017
1234. Serengeti Evening, Too 4/5/2017
1235. Lion Hearted! 4/5/2017
1236. Revelation Develops Faith! 4/7/2017
1237. Armageddon Corner! 4/7/2017
1238. From Unbeliever To Son Believer! 4/8/2017
1239. The Week That Changed The World! 4/9/2017
1240. Quote Jesus This Easter! 4/10/2017

Comments about Denis Martindale

  • Petals Azureblue Petals Azureblue (7/30/2018 2:25:00 PM)

    Denis Martindale's poems have blessed me a lot. He writes on matters of the Spirit and the Most High God sometimes reassuringly and sometimes challenging. His presence on this site is a blessing for souls that seek the Light. Thank you Denis.

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  • Bernard F. Asuncion Bernard F. Asuncion (7/17/2018 3:26:00 AM)

    Denis Martindale is such a great poet with a marvelous pen.... I have written the poem LOVELY EARLINESS for him.....🤓🤓🤓🙏🙏🙏

Best Poem of Denis Martindale

* The Cross Of Christ

The jeering crowd like jackals stood,
To see what must be done.
Though once they thought this man was good,
They didn't see God's Son.
They called Him Rabbi, Teacher, Lord,
Yet now He was Rome's slave.
So all His claims were now ignored,
For who was He to save?
The nails were driven deep inside...
More drops of blood soon fell...
Once lifted, hoisted, crucified,
His life was just like Hell.
Torment and torture lay ahead.
Excruciating pain.
His scourged back stung and bled and bled
As briars bruised His brain.
His mother wept each passing ...

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Crashing Waves!

I'm glad to be a dolphin, I can wave my fin at you!
I can smile my gracious grin and then blow a kiss or two!
I swim as fast as boats can! That's amazing, don't you think! ?
And yet, don't close your eyes, man, or I'll vanish in a blink!
My home's here, where I'm feeding... My family's around me...
I'd say that I'm succeeding, as long as they surround me!
It's great to go exploring and to be a pioneer!
You see, there's no ignoring all the beauty that's down here!
It doesn't matter

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