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Denis Martindale Poems

1641. Close To Jesus 6/3/2011
1642. Don'T Deny The Power! 6/3/2011
1643. Fools' Prophets 6/3/2011
1644. If I 6/4/2011
1645. Never Give Up! Never Give In! 6/7/2011
1646. Advice In The Wilderness 6/8/2011
1647. White Lord 6/10/2011
1648. If You But Knew 6/11/2011
1649. Will He Take The Mark? 6/11/2011
1650. White Feather 6/13/2011
1651. Appearing Day 6/13/2011
1652. Pilgrim's Progress 6/15/2011
1653. The Perfect Perfect Poem 6/14/2011
1654. This Is For You! 6/17/2011
1655. The King Of Kings And More 6/17/2011
1656. Judging My Judgement Day Dream 6/19/2011
1657. On Watch 6/19/2011
1658. Lord Of The Jungle 6/19/2011
1659. The Q And A Show 6/19/2011
1660. Secret Swimmer 6/19/2011
1661. Playtime 6/19/2011
1662. Forest Glade 6/19/2011
1663. The Opportune Moment 5/26/2011
1664. Teach Me, Lord 5/27/2011
1665. Dollar Science 5/29/2011
1666. Her Hand In Mine 5/29/2011
1667. Testimony Time 6/22/2011
1668. The Final Frontier 6/22/2011
1669. Simply The Truth 6/23/2011
1670. R Teenz 6/24/2011
1671. The Beginning Of Beauty 6/26/2011
1672. Cross Reference 6/27/2011
1673. Every Day With Jesus 6/25/2011
1674. Samson's Fury 6/26/2011
1675. Pleasant Places, Beautiful Borders 6/28/2011
1676. God's Breath Of Fresh Air 6/28/2011
1677. See You At The Cross 6/29/2011
1678. The Helmet Of Salvation 6/30/2011
1679. Building The Foundation 7/12/2011
1680. The Higher Power 7/9/2011

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  • Bernard F. Asuncion Bernard F. Asuncion (7/17/2018 3:26:00 AM)

    Denis Martindale is such a great poet with a marvelous pen.... I have written the poem LOVELY EARLINESS for him.....🤓🤓🤓🙏🙏🙏

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Best Poem of Denis Martindale

* The Cross Of Christ

The jeering crowd like jackals stood,
To see what must be done.
Though once they thought this man was good,
They didn't see God's Son.
They called Him Rabbi, Teacher, Lord,
Yet now He was Rome's slave.
So all His claims were now ignored,
For who was He to save?
The nails were driven deep inside...
More drops of blood soon fell...
Once lifted, hoisted, crucified,
His life was just like Hell.
Torment and torture lay ahead.
Excruciating pain.
His scourged back stung and bled and bled
As briars bruised His brain.
His mother wept each passing ...

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Find! Follow! Fulfill!

God saw me in my Mother's womb... defenceless and alone...
Survival I could not presume... I stayed, my fate unknown...
My eyes saw nothing, darkness reigned... my ears heard Mother's heart...
And every night and day I gained... meant soon I must depart...
What could I know from sounds I heard? What could I understand?
No words had I for sounds that stirred... or what my Lord had planned...
But He was watching limbs that grew... He saw my hands and feet...
He did what only He could do...

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