Denise Middleton

I Miss U

When u left me ii knew right then n dere that my life wud change 4ever
I never g0t the chance 2 say gudbye n tell u h0w muc that I l0ve u
When u loose the 0ne u l0ve it has a big affect 0n ur life
Final w0rds were never sp0ken
0nce a stranger n n0w ur the best thiing that ever happened 2 me
I l0ved u still n0w and 4ever even th0ugh death t00k us part
I can't let that get me d0wn...ii g0tta b str0ng n h0ld 0n cus 2dae can't pr0mise me 2marr0w...iim str0ng 4 a reas0n but dere r tiimesz wher

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