Denise Veras

Rookie (New York City)

Biography of Denise Veras

I am a wondering soul that has been taping into every aspect of her creativity since the age of 13. I left my house in search of freedom and life at the age of 15 only to return a year later with more questions in the forefront of my mind. I always knew I was different from the average artist in my quest. You see, I knew then and now that with art there needs to be some soul. My love for writing sets me free and it’s my way of making sure others see what they might be missing if they don’t take the time to feel me. My search lead me from NY to Philly, my education has lead me into an ambiguous field, my search for self now wants to take me abroad, and at this time I know its time to move on.

Denise Veras's Works:

I have not published any books. Updates

My Secrete Kiss

My secrete kiss,
a patient less bliss
I almost missed.

A touch of spice with a sexual might,
a mental invitation to feel his thighs.
Damn I think as I sigh…hum

My secrete kiss I almost missed

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