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- The first thing I'm looking for in a work of art is originality. It's about
seeing the unseen, catching things no other people caught before. This includes poetry.

- Imagination is probably the copilot of this work which is the helper of our focus. From time to time, writing becomes a habit, just like a food that gives us energy.

- My inspiration can be anything. Anything that interests me, anything that I have
thoughts about. Updates

Queen Of Ice

'Oh, thankfully', murmured I, I see your face,
Lighten beneath the moon. Your parish skin
Like a white rose: your swoon, your wakening,
All dreams of my winter sleep; but I, can see now.

Subsequently, pictured I, you near a lake,
On a fall evening, the wind is blowing an old page
And reading a story - with bliss - about a sage
Counting the stars in a cage; and I, can see now.

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