Dennis Adonis

Rookie [Dennis E. Adonis] (October,1975 / Georgetown, Guyana)

Biography of Dennis Adonis

Dennis Adonis is an Educational Author, Poet, Novelist, Musician, and a Contributing Writer on Information Technology for

However, in despite of his interest and intellect of varying authoring genres, his expertise is more concentrated on Computer Security Software, and Information Technology Engineering.

Now a noted member of the Royal Society of Literature in England, he has penned over a dozen books to date; – all of which are already published, including a Poetic Anthology entitled; Sea of Sorrows.

In despite of his sometimes controversial past, he had always kept steadfast to his goals, and status as an authority on Information Technology, fictional writing, poetry, and even musical arts.

While by any standards his current listings of books may seem more than sufficient for an Author, Mr. Adonis is still seeking to expand his authoring portfolio in addition to indulging extensively in music recording, which had always been an integral part of his career interest.

Dennis Adonis's Works:

Sea of Sorrows - A poetic anthology (ISBN-10: 1481994204) Updates

Locked Away In A Dream

I am locked away in this place
Not sure where I am
Tears strolling down my face
Like a baby in a pram

Locked away in the dark
Was the order of the day
Only if I was a lark
I would have surely flown away

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