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1. Gold 8/19/2009
2. Heart 8/19/2009
3. How I Am 8/19/2009
4. I Do 8/19/2009
5. Lied 8/19/2009
6. Light 8/19/2009
7. Love 8/22/2009
8. To Love 8/22/2009
9. Loves Reasson And Emaning 8/22/2009
10. Miss And A Wish 8/22/2009
11. My Boo 8/22/2009
12. My Purpose 8/22/2009
13. My Soul 8/22/2009
14. One Another Eachother 8/22/2009
15. Suffering 8/22/2009
16. The Mile 8/22/2009
17. The Night We Wed 8/22/2009
18. Today And Yesterday 8/22/2009
19. Treasure 8/22/2009
20. True 8/22/2009
21. Unnknown 8/22/2009
22. We 8/22/2009
23. What Love Is About 8/22/2009
24. When She Left Me 8/22/2009
25. You 8/22/2009
26. When We Meet 8/22/2009
27. When 8/22/2009
28. Wonder 8/22/2009
29. Angel Of Death 8/17/2009
30. Blues 8/17/2009
31. Dead 8/17/2009
32. Death 8/17/2009
33. Destiny 8/18/2009
34. Every Moment 8/18/2009
35. Faithful 8/19/2009
36. Again 8/17/2009
37. Fright 8/19/2009
38. Alone 8/17/2009

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My soul is in pain and its driving me really insane. My heart has nothing to gain, but pure untouched pain and my heart is slowly being slain.
I was willing to give it a try, but it just came back and spit me in my crying as I write I wont lie I see no more light.just the cold
darkness of the night's.I guess I’ll be alright to be alone to never have someone I can call my own. I have been done wrong be4, but I wont lie this hurt worse then any other would be the same if I slowly was going blind I cant keep her out my in a real bind its like I have
Been forgotten ...

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Give pause cause my heart died yesterday, But today i cried.Tommrow I will lie telling you im ok.When i tried to fall asleep all i could do is weep.So i'll leap and take a dive for you.
I will try to be happy for you, But all i do is cry, Because I can't lay in your arms and look you in your eyes.All i can do is cry and try to live on.This i'snt a ending to a sad love song.
This moment will someday begone, Because together we belong.For you I will stay strong and I wont let you be gone for too

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