Dennis Lambert

Dennis Lambert Poems

41. Niagra Falls 1/11/2005
42. I Sit On A Log (Tanka) 4/8/2005
43. This House Is Empty (Tanka) 4/8/2005
44. Her Tongue Was So Sharp (Tanka) 4/8/2005
45. The Pond At Midnight 1/11/2005
46. Dolphin Day 1/11/2005
47. There Was An Old Man In His Eighties (Limerick) 4/8/2005
48. There Once Was A Man Named Muldoon (Limerick) 4/8/2005
49. There Was A Stud (Adult Limerick) 4/8/2005
50. How To Love A Squirrel 1/11/2005
51. I Want To Be In Love Again 1/8/2005
52. Foxy Lady 1/11/2005
53. Ferris Wheel 1/11/2005
54. Autumn's Art 1/11/2005
55. Midnight Sea 1/8/2005
56. Third World Girl 1/8/2005
57. Winds 1/11/2005
58. Firefly 1/11/2005
59. Windmill 1/8/2005
60. Portrait Of Father Vichenchos 1/8/2005
61. Your Goodbye 4/8/2005
62. A Romantic's Lament 1/8/2005

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Best Poem of Dennis Lambert

A Romantic's Lament

As a ROMANTIC, ladies, I used to feel just swell,
But now, to tell the truth, I simply feel like hell.
Every line tried and true, she already seems to know,
And now I know, t’is open season on this Romeo!

When I say, “My lady, let me sweep you off your feet, ”
She coldly offers broom and pan and says, “JUST sweep! ”
When I say I’ll be your knight in shining armor,
She sneers, “Polish first these pots and pans, you silly charmer! ”

In the moonlight I appear beneath her balcony,
And I have with me my sweetly flowing poetry.
“For you, a rose, my ...

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My Love Letter

I wrote you a love letter today,
So much flowed from me, the way

the river runs in early spring,
surging over everything-

an envelope small and thin
tries to hold it all within-

so open it slowly, open with care,
what rushes through my heart is there.

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