Dennis Lambert

Dennis Lambert Poems

41. Niagra Falls 1/11/2005
42. I Sit On A Log (Tanka) 4/8/2005
43. This House Is Empty (Tanka) 4/8/2005
44. Her Tongue Was So Sharp (Tanka) 4/8/2005
45. The Pond At Midnight 1/11/2005
46. Dolphin Day 1/11/2005
47. There Was An Old Man In His Eighties (Limerick) 4/8/2005
48. There Once Was A Man Named Muldoon (Limerick) 4/8/2005
49. There Was A Stud (Adult Limerick) 4/8/2005
50. How To Love A Squirrel 1/11/2005
51. I Want To Be In Love Again 1/8/2005
52. Foxy Lady 1/11/2005
53. Ferris Wheel 1/11/2005
54. Autumn's Art 1/11/2005
55. Midnight Sea 1/8/2005
56. Third World Girl 1/8/2005
57. Winds 1/11/2005
58. Firefly 1/11/2005
59. Windmill 1/8/2005
60. Portrait Of Father Vichenchos 1/8/2005
61. Your Goodbye 4/8/2005
62. A Romantic's Lament 1/8/2005

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Best Poem of Dennis Lambert

Third World Girl

Little third world girl,
The bones and skin of you
Lie dying in the dust

I see your eyes, wide and hollow
On my screen.
Do you know of me?

The black flies buzz
And move about your face,
And you no longer brush them away.

For now you are waiting in the dust,
And do not feel the flies
And do not feel the hunger... anymore

You are waiting in the dust, little girl
And you are looking at me
From the other side of the world.

If I could draw you from the tube
Into this room carpeted and clean,
Paneled and ...

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Gypsy Violin

a gypsy
bereft of
case or bow,
from attic
to stir
let go
an accidental


and women
on rain-
soaked streets