Dennis Lange

Dennis Lange Quotes

  • ''Too many of us are just running out the clock when we don't even know what the score is.''
    Dennis Lange
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  • ''Error, when faced by the truth, is a candle blown by a hurricane.''
    Dennis Lange
  • ''A slut is a person with raging whoremones.''
    Dennis Lange
  • ''False doctrines within Christendom are based upon a patchwork of verses sown together by the threads of abuse.''
  • ''An unexamined life will not pass the final exam on Judgment Day.''
  • ''Poetry is the opera of literature.''
    Dennis Lange
  • ''To a Christian, death is surgery to remove the cancer of the world.''
    Dennis Lange
  • ''Some people are frequent flyers while others are frequent liars.''
    Dennis Lange
  • ''The foundation of a false stance is false arguments.''
    Dennis Lange
  • ''Dictators collect the wealth instead of spreading it, even when they're communists.''
    Dennis Lange

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Best Poem of Dennis Lange

The Melody Of The Wind

The wind may roar; the wind may shriek,
In passing trees - a rustle.
But 'tis the sweetest sound I seek,
Wind flexing music's muscle.

The wind may moan or it may howl
In nights of stormy weather.
But I don't want wind on the prowl,
But tame, as on a tether.

I want wind playing on the cords
That on my porch are hanging,
To make sweet music there, with chords,
And set my chimes a'clanging.

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The Divorce Is Final

When my gallbladder had the gall
To kick up trouble after all
The time we'd spent in harmony,
Like precise parts of symphony,
I privately considered blasts
Of dynamite for stones whose pasts
Made rocky roads of pain and woe
And tables where I travel - foe.

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