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Morning and the fishers put out to sea,
With joy and farewells to their families,
Unaware today, they would meet with fate,
To fight for life with a giant rogue wave.

Music to the ears,
Tears composed of salt water
Flow to the ocean.

Where the river ends
And ocean begins;
Cultures collide
And history's tide,

There is a finesse expressed in a spring step
When flowers unfurl and come out to impress.
And release fragrances unique to the nostrils,
In the fresh month of April.

Trees heavy laden with apples galore
Droop boughs of fruit in orchards brimming full.
Where some are released and fall to the ground
To be eaten by deer and critters found.

Thrown from his horse, wounded and outnumbered,
The Cheyenne warrior, ‘Chief Comes in Sight' fights
For his life against the U.S. army,
At the Rosebud River in Montana.

It all begins with a single snowflake,
(Each one in itself unique)
Brought about through evaporation,
And returned by the force of gravity

Across the fields a long time ago
Where sparrows flew and lilies grew.
I skipped in play oblivious to hate
And ran with the wind and sang with the beasts.

Everywhere heard and seen, or so it seems
Are leaves quivering on deciduous trees,
And those on the ground being rustled around
In the blustery month of October.

Mirror reflection
the heart asks, "Is this the face
You take to the grave? "

'When would it be most appropriate to say, I love you?
Today, tomorrow — sunrise, sunset;
Would it make a difference?
I love you all the time.'

The little white church, engulfed by the immensity
Of Douglas fir, Hemlock and Western Red Cedar
On Nootka Island in Nootka Sound,
Confirms the remoteness of the Yuquot Village:

"Operation Focus" sees Israeli jets streaking,
Attacking Arab fighter jets and air force bases,
Thus attaining dominance over Middle Eastern skies,
While IDF ground divisions launch into action.

From deep within the earth's crust,
An orogeny pushes
The batholith upwards
To become ‘The Shrine of Democracy, '

Let us stand this 4th. Of July,
And pledge allegiance to the flag.

Though strife undermines our goals,

Nineteen Republicans have occupied the Oval Office since 1861.
Around the table gather GOP presidents from Lincoln to Trump,
Sipping bourbon and wine and diet cola.
Reminiscing times basking in each other's company,

People watching
Small waves rolling,
Sea birds chatter
Seeking shelter,

'Where can we find God? '
Impetuously they ask.
—The dead can't find God.

Welcome to the world of sensationalism.
Welcome to the pop culture of Andy Warhol.
Who saw in a can, nutritious soup for consumption.
And beauty in the face of an ungodly woman.

To Mother

Things are complicated and I'm frustrated
And gag to hear you say with parental authority

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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

Morning and the fishers put out to sea,
With joy and farewells to their families,
Unaware today, they would meet with fate,
To fight for life with a giant rogue wave.

'Bend your backs to the wind, row and repel,
Vain Kanagawa, reprieve yourselves! '
Spewed in boast the Kami Tsunami,
Amid the background of the great Mt. Fuji.

Fear seized their hearts and terror blazed their eyes:
Their hands bled and muscles groaned agony.
They who boldly bragged, coward in the throes;
As the boats were tossed on the vast ocean.

Frothed with rage, the tempest would not relent,
Incensed that they take without recompense,
The bounty of its trove with gluttony,
As if deemed chosen to exploit with greed.

The challenge met and defeat imminent,
Victory, though sweet, claims countless victims.
In disbelief, they maintained their postures,
As the wave splinters the wooden structures.

The end is near. 'All is lost! ' or so they thought;
On their knees, one by one, made peace with God.
And this, their last hour, they in despair;
Prayed that the storm to abate and were spared.

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Colleen 12 May 2021

I recently took a photo of a beautiful Red-Winged Blackbird. Dennis' poem 'Red-Winged Blackbird' fits the photo beautifully. //

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Darwin Henry Beuning 30 July 2019

Dennis is an outstanding poet! ! ! The one I like best is " Crazy Horse Monument" .. Very informative and a show stopper! ! ! Looking forward to more of your poetry! ! !

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Dennis Spilchuk Quotes

What care I how good they be if they be not good to me.

I too want my name in a history book, But not as an idiot!

It is a deprived mind that derives pleasure From the dissection of another.

Unattainable goals are like dead end roads, though lofty; a waste of time, effort and money.

It's like beating a dead horse to revive.

Let us fight for the 'Right to Life! '

In my youth, time was my friend, With age, time has become the enemy.

As I grow older and hope diminishes, I come to terms that my presence Was not constructive, nor overly ambitious.

Life is forward motion.

There are always excuses for failure to avoid rightful blame.

Life consists of learning curves.

For all intensive purposes as it relates to the present time on earth, the Universe is inanimate!

Most people who say they don't believe in Christ never had a need to.

First impressions leave memories that can linger for a very long time.

Youth recedes like the waves of the ocean.

One must look behind the paint to see the painting.

The artist sees the idea, but it is in the ‘expression' of accomplishment that we see the fruit of their labor.

I ask the reader to read more into my poetry.

Bullies do not respect individuals.

Though they may not show it, artists listen to constructive analysis.

The artist's creativity is in their presentation of reality!

If the truth wakes you up, then the effort has been worthwhile.

Politics is about buying votes.

A fool has to convince others that he or she is intelligent.

The problem with socialism is that eventually everybody ends up working for the government.

Perspective is about self-serving interests.

Socialism is about indoctrination, not education. It is acceptable to rewrite history & embellish for socialist agenda justification.

When people ask; "What is the difference between the Hebrew, Catholic & Protestant bibles.? " I say to them; " Pick each one up & feel the weight! "

You are what you accomplish in life.

You cannot move a mountain without strength!

Socialism thrives by economic dependency on government.

Limited minds limit God's creation.

They who perceive themselves as gods demand to know everything.

Money talks and in not so many words.

Time is continuum reality not a perception of human consciousness awareness.

Should political correctness dictate poetics, I should stay home!

Poetry is an art form, it works or it doesn't!

Poets; Defend what you write!

If you work at it long enough, you can fit a square peg into a round hole with satisfying results.

You can win any argument as long as you don't have to prove it.

I understand that I don't understand what you're talking about.

If you don't know where you're coming from, how do you know where you're going to?

Don't worry, if Jesus won't take you, Satan will.

It's a good decision, but wrong.

The more you have the more it takes to satisfy.

Zeros are nothing until you put them behind one, then they're everything.

I'm not superstitious, I just don't believe in taking chances.

There's no bad poetry, just bad poets.

Good poets tell good stories.

I agree with you and we're both wrong.

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