Dennis Walker

Rookie - 11 Points [Robert Reklaw] (9/10/1963 / Scranton. Pa)

Biography of Dennis Walker

Author of Adventures of Warlockbob 777 I currently am living in Scranton Pa. I enjoy writing poetry. Also am the Author of Premonitions essays and short stories. and Forgiveness of sins.Cruelty on the net also Author of Providence Square Sniper and Romance on the Internet.

Dennis Walker's Works:

Adventures of Warlockbob777
Romance on the Internet
Providence Square Sniper
Warlock Updates

Are We The Same

I traveled through space, before Galaxies and stars took their place.
I seen stars give birth way before the earth.
I seen colors of no name. I seen oceans arise and deep blue skies.
I seen cosmos transcend to where time has no end.
I seen planets of volcano's Imploding from it's core.
Life forms shall arise surrounded by awe.
Like a black hole that takes in the light.
Oh what wonders you can see in the night.
Not until you passed deep space.

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