Denys E. W. Jones

Denys E. W. Jones Poems

1. I Wanna Nose Job 8/8/2008
2. A Thousand Mile Journey 8/12/2008
3. Two Turtledoves 8/30/2008
4. Jules Et Jim 9/11/2008
5. Obama Or Mccain? 10/7/2008
6. Karadeniz 1/3/2012
7. The Night Of The Shooting Stars 8/19/2012
8. The Glass Hearse 11/4/2013
9. Barn Owls Down 1/5/2014
10. Deaths And Births 1/12/2014
11. Prospects For Peace 7/29/2014
12. Knocking At Our Door 5/21/2015
13. The Work 10/9/2015
14. Blood Blood Blood 11/22/2015
15. Football And Brexit 6/29/2016
16. Meteors, Planets, Fixed Stars 8/12/2013
17. Come Back 1/19/2013
18. Head Versus Heart 8/27/2008
19. The Other Woman 9/5/2013
20. Digital Stress 9/8/2013
21. You Can Contribute A Verse 9/27/2006
22. The Things We Need 11/30/2006
23. Eleven Little Questions 8/9/2006
24. The Race Against Time 3/7/2007
25. Three Women 12/8/2006
26. Subject Matter 2/15/2007
27. The Chicken Or The Egg? 4/28/2007
28. Four Elements 5/22/2007
29. Doubts 4/6/2011
30. Spring Sensations 4/10/2011
31. Contract Expired 1/5/2009
32. Thank God I'M Not Famous 7/1/2009
33. Miguel Delibes 3/17/2010
34. The Rose On The Dungheap 8/11/2006
35. The Chimes At Midnight 2/20/2009
36. Dead Dog Blues 12/19/2006
37. Do You Think The World Will Notice? 1/6/2008
38. To The Sleepers 10/31/2008
39. Love Is Not Love... 11/26/2009
40. The Pub Is The Hub 7/3/2009

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Best Poem of Denys E. W. Jones

The Worst Poem Ever Written

The worst poem ever written.
Well, what did you expect?
Strikes no chords, hits no buttons,
Just leaves you all perplexed.

Speaks not of Life, Death, Hope or Hate,
Or hearts by Love’s darts smitten.
You surely will not like its shape,
Its form, its structure, rhythm.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Get only a brief mention.
Where is the focus, centre?
What captures our attention?

No similes, no imagery,
No metaphors, no meat.
No juicy, tasty turns of phrase
In which to sink one’s teeth.

A dud, a flop, complete dead ...

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Dead Dog Blues

Once I had a dog that wagged its tail.
Barked night and day till the neighbours complained.
P’lice came round, put the dog down.
Dog don’t bark no more.

Bought me a budgie that sang in a cage.
Caught bird flu one fine day.
Croaked and coughed, feathers dropped off.
Budgie no sing song.

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