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Derek James Poems

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73. Myths And Legends 5/15/2013
74. Music 12/5/2012
75. The Black Cat 6/18/2013
Best Poem of Derek James

The Black Cat

During the night, after
You wonder down an old
dark road,
The wind blows through
old creepy hollow trees,
Almost making it sound
like someone is speaking
in every direction.

An owl with glowing eyes
swooping down to catch
that sneaky mouse that
unexpectedly ran between
your feet,
Suddenly swoops down in
front of you,
As you let out a chilling
scream of terror.

You walk deeper into the
dark woods,
Wondering what else might
be lurking in the dark
Oh, how you wished you have
taken another way ...

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Life & Faith

Life is a beautiful place,
It is how you make it to be,
Remember to always give your
life plenty of love.

Life is about believing in
This is your life and what
you choose to do with your

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