Derek McCasland

Biography of Derek McCasland

I've written poetry and lyrics since I was about 12 or 13. It's how I vent; how I get away for a while; how I best express myself. I fronted for a rock band for 3 years, in which time I wrote all the lyrics to our songs, as well as the arrangements. I also helped with melody often. That was a great experience. It was from that journey with good friends and wonderful music that I realized I wanted to be an author (or maybe I should say writer)

Derek McCasland's Works:

I don't have any books, though I am working on a poetry compilation of the past 10 years of my life. We'll see how popular that is (LOL) .

I do have 7 copyrighted lyrical works, which I will soon be adding too. Updates

Oh Lady

Oh Lady show me
Show me how to lie,
Tell me to regroup,
And make another try.

Tell me that you care
Care for who I am
Lady shine upon me,
Upon the sham I am.