Derrick Parsee

Biography of Derrick Parsee

Born and raise in Acres Homes which we call tha 44. I like to write a lot because I speak my mind thought my words and maybe one day somebody will give me a chance to make money off my work because this mite help other people and touch them in so many ways. One day in my life I will find a woman that I can give my all to and that God will put her in my life so that we can grow old together.

Derrick Parsee's Works:

One day soon Updates

What If

What if I didn't wake u up this morning
What if I let u have a wreck
What if I let that man brake into ur house
What if I said storm take this and that away
What if ur on the OR table and they cut u open and I let u pass
What if I let ur child die in ur arms
What if I never let the world turn and make it burn
What if I u call me and I don't answer
What if I take ur eye sight