Derrick Puente

Rookie - 2 Points (10/15/1981 / Austin, Texas)

Derrick Puente Poems

1. The Light Made Of Stone 9/1/2012
2. Deep As First Love 9/1/2012
3. Wayward Things 9/1/2012
4. The Mercy Fields 9/1/2012
5. Like A Dream 9/1/2012
6. The Heart Of The Warrior 9/25/2012
7. Engraven 9/25/2012
8. The Princess Of The Poesies 10/1/2012
9. As Stone 10/1/2012
10. Sleepless Dream 6/9/2013
11. The Sparrow 6/9/2013
12. The River Runs Dry 6/9/2013
13. We Grieve 12/25/2013
14. Before The Eyes Of God 12/25/2013
15. I Raised My Hand To Scarlet 12/25/2013
16. Lost Intentions 12/25/2013
17. Not The Port But The Grave 12/25/2013
18. By The Light Of The Moon 9/25/2012
19. Returned 9/25/2012
20. The Bell Jar 10/1/2012
21. China 9/6/2012
Best Poem of Derrick Puente


Your silence impervious
What good do tears or pleas
My heart imperious
In truth men are enmity
Towards goodness and reason
Imposing only self
What good is a marriage
When emptiness is felt
The pattern if tragic
And ode to Euripides
Impulse had met freedom
In another's ecstasies
For this we are broken
But we were cracked before
The dishes are shattered
Through the apartments floors
The ashes are modern
10 packs of cigarettes
The phrases are hollow
Devoid of sentiments
Insulated unhappiness
Loves been sacrificed
You have your ...

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Wayward Things

When fire denies it flames
It prefers to liquefy
Pretending that its water
It finds a way to cry

When wind ceases to blow
Stagnant in its will
It gathers in the North
And then the Earth grows still

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