Desiree Whitamore

Desiree Whitamore Poems

41. Not Being Able To Cope 5/8/2008
42. Armor Is Off 5/8/2008
43. Finally Gone Forever 5/21/2008
44. I Want To 5/21/2008
45. Done And Gone 5/21/2008
46. Cherish 5/23/2008
47. Do You Feel? 6/3/2008
48. Anybody Home? 6/6/2008
49. An Empty Paradise To Cry 6/24/2008
50. Save Me 6/24/2008
51. A Close Call 6/24/2008
52. Buy Me Love 7/8/2008
53. Had Your Chance To Run 7/8/2008
54. Not Real To Me 7/9/2008
55. Hurt Me To Tell Me The Truth 7/16/2008
56. Wow 7/20/2008
57. Dead Of Night 7/21/2008
58. A Night Of Feeling This Way 7/21/2008
59. My Best Friend 7/26/2008
60. Because Of You 7/27/2008
61. A Big Feeling Not There 8/2/2008
62. All I Have 8/6/2008
63. A Ghost 8/11/2008
64. Invisible Frame 8/14/2008
65. A Dads Story 8/18/2008
66. Do You Remember/You Could'Ve/I Hope 8/26/2008
67. Sorry 8/26/2008
68. Short Memories 8/27/2008
69. A Boston Life 8/29/2008
70. Liar, Liar 8/29/2008
71. One Big Scream 9/1/2008
72. Control Of Me 9/2/2008
73. A Grave Dying Goodbye Thing Poem 9/4/2008
74. Too Ashamed Of You 9/5/2008
75. A Fall That You Can Probably Hear 9/6/2008
76. Amad Feeling 9/15/2008
77. Gotta Believe 9/18/2008
78. Steaming And Screaming 12/5/2007
79. Running 12/5/2007
80. Salty Droplet Of Tear. 12/5/2007

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  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (10/14/2009 5:16:00 AM)

    you are a poet of good ideas, i like your poems

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  • Fred Babbin (1/10/2008 9:57:00 PM)

    O.K. You got me. I'll have to reread you poem in the morning. Nobody's perfect.

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Best Poem of Desiree Whitamore


Pimples, growth, and weight,
emotions, pitch, the rules change.
suddenly emotional and not understanding why,
suddenly indestructible, and getting into fights.
parents now seem so uncool,
grades start slipping,
you get warnings from your school.
people start to look at you in very grown up ways.
adults start making excuses: 'they're just going through a phase.'. feelings that nobody cares.
going to parties, no more innocent musical chairs.
you get your first kiss, you experience passion.
your social life starts to climb, starts becoming a ...

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write what you feel they said, draw what you see.
how do i draw the life thats crashing in front of me?
when i don't have the paper, when i don't have the words,
how can i make sure they understand their baby girl?
i'm growing up now, i'm starting to be
what i always feared would become of me.
there's no more waiting, it's ending now.
all they do is brush it off, no harm no foul.
so what do i write when life takes a turn?

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