Desmond Seward

Biography of Desmond Seward

Desmond Seward (born 22 May 1935, Paris) is a British popular historian and the author of numerous books, including biographies of Henry IV of France, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Marie Antoinette, Empress Eugenie and Napoleon's Family. He has made something of a specialty of Britain and France in the late Middle Ages. He lives in the English countryside on the Berkshire-Wiltshire border.

Seward's father was Willliam Eric Louis Seward, MC (1891-1975), a Franco-Irishman and industrialist in France (managing director of Timken Francais) whose exploits as a World War I aviator in Palestine his son has written about in Wings over the Desert. Born in Paris into a family long established at Bordeaux, Seward was educated at Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire and at St Catharine's College, Cambridge.

Desmond Seward's Works:

The First Bourbon (1971)
The Monks of War: The Military Religious Orders (1972, new edn 2000, Spanish trans 2004)
Prince of the Renaissance (1973)
The Bourbon Kings of France (1976)
Eleanor of Aquitaine (1978)
The Hundred Years War (1978, new edn 1996)
Monks and Wine (1979, French trans 1982)
Marie Antoinette (1981)
Richard III (1983, new edn 1998)
Naples (1984)
Italy's Knights of St George (1986)
Napoleon's Family (1986)
Henry V (Henry V as Warlord; 1987)
Napoleon and Hitler (1988, Russian translation 1996)
Byzantium (with Susan Mountgarret, 1988)
Metternich (1991, German translation 1993)
Brooks's: A Social History (jt ed with Philip Ziegler, 1991)
The Dancing Sun: Journeys to the Miracle Shrines (1993)
Sussex (1995)
The Wars of the Roses (1995)
Caravaggio (1998, Japanese translation 2000)
Eugénie (2004)
Savonarola (2006)
Jerusalem's Traitor (2009, Hebrew trans 2012) Updates

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