Devin Lasker

Biography of Devin Lasker

Hi my name is Devin and like some people on this site I like to write poetry. I guess I have always had a thing for words and their beauty and I believe that poetry is one of the best ways to show beauty in different ways. Poetry is such a great thing because it can communicate things that not even the writer intented to communicate and that is what I hope my poetry can do for you. So hope you had fun reading this biography and I hope to hear back from you on some of my poems and hopfully some of it's good, so please comment on my poems I'd be very interested in what you think of them. So yeah that's all soooo.... READ! ! ! Updates

Slap Of The Mat

As I stand underneath these lights

While the fans pack in by flights

In this place I call my home

The outcome shall be unknown

I take my place in this fight

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