Devine Smith

Rookie (03-04-92 / Sacramento, California)

Biography of Devine Smith

Im only 14 years old and I was born in Sacramento, California.Im african american.I have one parent and that my (mom) Rosalinda Smith.My dads not in my life.I started writing poems ever since I was in six grade in '2003'.The first poem I ever wrote was'The Secret Stone'that was based on my dad, Terry Smith.Since I didnt have a dad there for me I looked up to Sweetwater aKa Richard Haywood, I always thought this is how it feels to have a dad.But he past on April,24,2004.So now I really look up on poems to express the way I feel and I hope you understand.


Devine Smith Updates

Tears Worries And Hope

Tears, Worries, Hope
Momma lying down hoping her kids don’t grow up to do dope,
Tears, Tears,
Falling from her eyes just saying why? Why? Did this good man have to die?
I say momma don’t cry its just things you got to let bye,
Worries, Worries
That’s not good because when you worry you stress and when you stress it will never get off your chest,
She’s hurting inside the swollen eyes that she cant hide,
She says it take time to heal,

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