Devine Smith

Rookie (03-04-92 / Sacramento, California)

Biography of Devine Smith

Im only 14 years old and I was born in Sacramento, California.Im african american.I have one parent and that my (mom) Rosalinda Smith.My dads not in my life.I started writing poems ever since I was in six grade in '2003'.The first poem I ever wrote was'The Secret Stone'that was based on my dad, Terry Smith.Since I didnt have a dad there for me I looked up to Sweetwater aKa Richard Haywood, I always thought this is how it feels to have a dad.But he past on April,24,2004.So now I really look up on poems to express the way I feel and I hope you understand.


Devine Smith Updates

My Angel

Uncle, dad,
The only one I had,
Why did you go? ,
I wish I only know,
You taught us a lot of things like not to steal on lie,
Only god knows why you had to die,
now your an angle flying high in the sky,
But I still cant figure out why this good man had,
Now im preying on one knee looking at gods old green trees,

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